Feb 1, 2011

Ties Speaketh of the Man who Adorns it

Everything that you display on your body is visible to people you come across and different people deduce different things from different elements on your body. For instance, if your shoes are of high caliber they know that you are no person to be taken for granted, you value every detail in concern. Similarly, when your attire that is composed of either formal apparels or the casual ones would reflect your fashion sense and general discipline in the manner you wear those.

TIEApart from other stuff that you accessorize with, a necktie is one such element that speaks a lot more than meets the eye. The choice of a necktie is crucial and so is the clothing which it is paired up with.

There are many types and kinds of ties that are categorized into sections according to the color or the design. Two broad categories would be the solid colored or the textured or design embedded ties. The design could vary anywhere from plain stripes to funny pictures of SpongeBob. Solid ties are the most commonly used and are pretty universal as far as their use is concerned. They appear to go well along any kind of shirt color or design and can easily be worn for both formal occasion and for social gatherings.

Do not be surprised to know when I say that the tie color and design would also affect your body structure and your facial contour. For instance, if you have a rounded face you are best served with ties that have dotted and paisley prints. If you have a sharp angular face then you could sport striped ties. There is no harm in mixing and matching these combinations as long as you can carry it off well. The best way is to analyze yourself in front of the mirror or take a self picture on your digital camera and have a look at it.

Men generally go by their instincts and such is the case even while shopping for their neckties. However, narrowing your focus on the kind of ties that may suit you based on a variety of factors would be advisable. The first thing you need to do when you choose a tie is to take into consideration the apparel you plan to wear with the tie. You may not be able to take your attire with you to every shop so you could choose to shop for your tie online. This gives you the freedom to take your own time and save time and money on traveling to land-based stores that may or may not have ties of your choice.

Omar Sayyed is a prominent writer of a variety of topics and has showered his expertise on Ties in many such articles. Ties are not to be taken easily and ties on buying the right ties are always good guidelines before you shop for some yourself.

Written by Omar

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Choosing Your Necktie on the Basis of Color Can be Real Fun

Shopping is fun… but for women. Do you think that this is a myth? Well it might as well be. Men are increasingly getting fashion conscious these days and the main reason is the exposure of celebrities in the media who are hyped for what they wear and what they don’t. Every man wants to look good as much as their women counterpart do. They are not willing to hide behind stereotypical attitude of “I don’t care what people think about my outfit” sort of a thing. While not all of your personality is revealed in the way you present yourself at least most part of it is.

NECK TIEA tie is one such fashion accessory that a man gets personal about. Why I call it a fashion accessory even when we know that sometimes a particular occupation or profession demands the use of ties is that whatever might the reason be for wearing a tie, it does have the potential to make or break the meeting on the basis of first impressions. So whether it is a social gathering or an office meeting, people tend to judge most part of you on the basis of your necktie selection.

So it isn’t too much to ask when we say that you must spend a lot of time choosing a tie for you since it is going to make a huge difference in you and your apparels. Let us start with the color of the tie:

Go Red: When you feel invigorated about something and are much confident about the task you are going to delve in, go for a red tie. That is exactly what a red color symbolizes, boldness and confidence.

Cool off with Blue: A tie that is dipped in the hues of tranquility and wisdom never goes wrong with your matching attitude when you have achieved something big and yet choose to remain humble about it. Blue ties are not an understatement but it is the concealing of an inner confidence and courage that you sport and hence symbolizes the ‘cool’ you.

Men in Black: Black is a seductress amongst colors and black ties especially the solid ties made out of silk can get really glamorous when sported with the right kind of an outfit. These are perfect ties that go well with almost any color or design of the shirt and gel amicably well in professional as well as party-like atmosphere.

Enticing green ties: Green is yet another sober color that has the element of mystery to it as also an element of serenity and peace. It does not invite competition but it just blends well with the surrounding auras.

Pink Ties: Have fun with pink ties and display the metrosexual side of you. Sport a statement that spells N-a-u-g-h-t-y in you and surprise your girl friend may be on a Valentine day.

Yellow Ties: You need to be careful with the use of yellow ties since it is a bright color. Sober colored apparel and a dimmer lighting condition is the kind of ambiance where you add the spark with your yellow ties. It represents energy and undying vigor.

Brown Ties: Go ultra sober with brown but yes the modesty in brown is unbeatable and if you want to show yourself as someone who can be counted upon or someone who is game for almost anything, you could hone the brown tie.

The color of neckties plays an important role in embellishing your persona. Omar Sayyed loves to share his expertise on everything tiesthrough his various creatively composed articles.

Written by Omar

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Bikini Swimsuits - Flaunt Stylishly and Comfortably

Bikini swimsuits are available in large collection that will suit the tastes of any woman. Regardless of the shape of a woman’s body, there is always bikini outfit that will suit them comfortably. All that is required is choosing wisely so that when you are wearing it you will be comfortable. It is essential for the wearer to have it that bikinis expose large parts of the body. Nonetheless, you can consider these steps for maximum comfort with your gear.

BIKINI SWIM SUITEFirstly, ensure to pick the right size. Before you set out to do your shopping, take some measurements so that you can know the approximate size you should look out for. When you are trying to fit the swimsuit, look out for bulges. This indicates the outfit is smaller than you. Hence consider a larger size. Conversely, in case you note sag on your bikini, know it is bigger than you and hence consider taking a smaller size.

Secondly, consider choosing bikini swimsuits that will complement your figure. For example, if you have thick legs mull over choosing bikinis that are high cut. These will help in making your legs look long and slim. In case you have a vast top, ensure to look for a bikini that will guarantee you adequate support. You can also use your wisdom to modify your top for the top to suit you comfortably.

Thirdly, ensure your skin is good looking. This can be accomplished by having it tanned. Remember bikini swimsuits will expose almost all your body. You can either take a visit to your local salon to get a tan or you can otherwise apply tanning lotions. You should by all means stay away from direct sun tanning since this is detrimental to the health of your skin. Ensure your skin is well moisturized too by applying the right kinds of moisturizers. Keep your underarms shaved to make them look good. Shave other unwanted body hair so that you can have confidence in yourself.

Fourthly, choose the right accessories. You can choose sunglasses that will accentuate your glamour. You should also get reliable sunscreen to ensure that you will not get your skin destroyed by the sun. You should also get some smart sandals for wearing when you are at the pool. Lastly, choose bikini swimsuits that will complement the tone of your skin. For instance, dark colors would appear suitable on dark skinned people.

Written by Dhody David

Milanoo is a bikini fashion enthusiast who loves string bikini swimsuits and writes on the latest bikini fashions and trends. If you want to find out more about bikinis as swimsuits and other bikini information, Click Here for the Best String Bikini Swimsuits.

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Sexy Women Nightshirts

There is no better way to keep warm in bed and be sexy at the same time than wearing sexy women nightshirts. The main advantage of the nightwear is the comfort that they provide. There are made of soft material that will help to keep you warm during a cold night. The good thing with the night wear is that they are easy to wear. When you want to go to bed, you can easily put it on and enjoy your night. Any time that you want to relax, you can put on the shirt and enjoy some good rest. Women skin is soft and needs good care which is provided by these night wear.

Women NightshirtsIf you want your husband to fall in love with you again, then you should go for the sexy women nightshirts. These shirts bring out your feminine qualities in an elegant way. This will make any man want to have a second look at your sleeping attire. The shirts have been made of different designs, colors and sizes. The good thing is that in the market there are different types of night wear available. Thus, you have got a variety to choose from. One can never go wrong with the length of the sleeping attire.

The nightshirts are made of flannel material which is known to be of good quality. Thus, these night wears are not only economical but also long lasting. If you live in a cold environment, you should ensure that you have got the sleepwear. There are many advantages of this sleepwear. You can shop for the shirts both online and offline. However, shopping online seems to be advantageous as it is hassle free and there is less time wastage. These shirts come in a variety of different thickness and weights. You can wear the thicker sleepwear during the cold season and the lighter ones during the warm season.

There are funky designs and patterns of the nightshirts available. Some popular designs are the animal prints which come in different lengths. If you want a more feminine look, you can go for the sleepwear that is long sleeved and has been provided with collar. Some of the sleep wears have got more feminine appearance as they have been provided with lace trims, bows and flowers. They require low maintenance as they have got a durable fabric. You can simply wash the shirts with water and soap.

Shop popular fashion pajamas and women’s pajamas online. Enjoy the superior comfort and style of all loungewear for cozy nights. Women’s discount nightshirts of all popular styles are best for wholesale and retail. Newest trends, softest materials, all sexy women nightshirt are available at lowest prices. Find your favorite style.

Written by Dhody David

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How To Create Stunning Modeling Portfolio

As a modeling portfolio serves as a resume exposing the talent and capabilities of a model to the agencies one needs to seek professional help to create a stunning portfolio. In a modeling career, portfolio serves as a resume exposing the talent and capabilities of a model to the agencies. Well snapped photos are instrumental in increasing the chances of success of a model. This is especially true in the field of glamour modeling where a stunning portfolio is a must have for a model to carve a niche in the glamour industry. 

A professionalized portfolio is a group of professional images of a model in various styles, look, make up, expressions and outfit exposing a model’s complete accomplishments as well as features. It is best to get the help of professional modeling photographers in Norwich by spotting the best one. How to create amazing portfolio will be the wondering question for the aspirants. After all a modeling portfolio have to be exceptionally unique and specific paving the way to success.

• Make a local inquiry in your locality or search in the website or ask your modeling agency to find a photographer for you. Once you come across a good quality photographer in Norwich call or visit them personally. Ask about prices, the time required to get the photos and the format that the photos are in. Discuss with them about your requirements for the photo shoot and your time schedule. A look at their sample works not only assists in analyzing and assessing their professional experiences but also helps to know whether they can make good difference by benefiting your requirements.

• Tell the photographer what kind of look you desire and ask for both head shots and full-body shots. Carefully, listen to what the photographer says about posing and expression.

• Search for competent stylist and makeup artist. Look for glamour costumes for your modeling shoot. You can pick your costumes from some popular modeling and fashion publications. Try out variety of dresses and poses. It is essential that the model follows the instructions and suggestions of the photographer and makeup artists in order to result in better and professionalized images. Beside getting a good break in the fashion industry, a good portfolio by an experienced photographer gives you valuable experiences.

• Sort the photos between the ones that are amazing and the ones that are just okay. After all, five great shots are better than 30 that are just passable. To top it all, it is the confidence and relaxed attitude of the model that make all the difference. Nervousness often shows up in the photos and a nervous model is rarely hired. So it is always advisable to hire a professional who can make the model feel at ease and bring out the potentialities. Online portals like Silvestri Studio are one of the handfuls who use evocative lighting, rich toned backdrops and props to create a brilliant modeling portfolio. There is no doubt about the fact that it is the modeling portfolio that can make or break a model’s career. So hire the best photographer in Norwich, put forth your best effort and give your best shot.

Written by Samantha Stephens

Samantha Stephens is a professional photographer and likes to write about Norwich photography. She is specifically interested in boudoir photography including wedding photography and commercial portraits.

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Hate buying Swimwear? You are not alone!

You would think that the word hate is a bit strong when it comes to shopping for clothing- after all it is a favorite past time for many women.But that’s exactly what David Robinson says: “ Your average woman in a swimsuit hates it; she hates going shopping for it no matter how good a body she has, she feels terrible.”

He should know. Robinson is the CEO of Speedo, the leading manufacturer of branded swimwear in the world. To learn what drives his market he has commissioned interviews with thousands of women. His findings confirm what other industry observers, like Malcolm Newberry, concluded when they estimate that the aversion to shopping for swimsuits is so pronounced, up to half of all women in Europe and the Americas don’t even bother. “Finding the right size and fit in a swimsuit is a struggle for most women; an experience a just a bit more pleasant, and not by much, than having a root canal” adds Mary Bauer, noted swimwear guru and president of the upscale specialty retailer Aqua Beachwear.

Swim wear

Why is that? For sure there are practical reasons. Unlike lingerie - swimwear’s close cousin - a woman does not customarily wear something over it. When lingerie does not really fit or flatter, or when there is a quality issue, few people if any other than the wearer will know. If a swimsuit does not really fit, or worse- if it has a quality issue- everybody will notice.

The right fit is probably the most important aspect in a swimsuit, probably more so than in any other item in a woman’s wardrobe. Of course the right fit gets a little trickier as the body gets affected by age. No matter how much the personal trainers and the plastic surgeons try, as the body matures, women will look to her swimsuit for some level of support.

There is of course the issue of “body image” or what the psychologists the “self-objectification”. Some people, (women, more so than men) are found to be chronically preoccupied with their appearance than others. Insecurity objectification, or what the psychologists refer to as “body shame” probably causes a lot of women to forgo the swimsuit shopping experience altogether, else make a hasty, uninformed choices to “get the process over with”.

The swimwear industry, the manufacturers and retailers of one-piece suits, tankinis and bikinis, do not do themselves any favors here either. Size information in swimsuits vary greatly from brand to brand without even a hint of standardization and conformity. And the interpretations of size information are probably twice as wild as one would expect them in other apparel items.

Material standards and quality control leave much to be desired. The use of substandard materials, a common practice in house brands, will take away from the elasticity, causing the suit not to mold to the body after a short time. To avoid this problem the consumer must know the properties of a variety of synthetic materials used – hardly a realistic proposition. Swimsuits also should undergo a series of tests to ensure that the material, the seams and the accessories hold up to chlorine, salt, sand and sun. Unfortunately only the top manufacturers of premium brands such as Gottex swim and LaBlanca do have a rigorous quality testing process.

Retailers, on the other hand, often sell swimsuits as one of many soft articles in their assortment. More often than not, the selection of suits and sizes is limited and staff training to assist customers with fabrics or fitting is awfully wanting. Swimsuits are just too different than the other merchandise for sale in the store. And because of the very nature of the swimsuit as a wardrobe item, buyers should be extra cautious of bargains and deals.

If you are interested to explore some new ideas about easiest way of Fashion Swimsuit shopping. Feel free to visit http://www.aquabeachwear.com/

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