Jun 7, 2012

How To Wear A Perfect Lip Makeup

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Other than learning to do perfect lip makeup, you should also know the lipstick shade that will suit your skin tone, the occasion when to wear which shade, and also the formula that will suit your skin type and the effect you want.
lipstickEven before these, there's another thing that you should know. No lipstick shades no matter how creamy, moisturizing or matte it is, will look great if you have chapped and dry lips. Therefore, always keep your lips healthy and soft. Here are some simple tips to a sexy lip makeup.
- If your lips are chapped, use a lip scrub to get rid of any dry skin.
- After the dry skin is scrubbed off and made smooth, apply a moisturizing lip balm to make your lips soft and supple.
- Before applying lipstick or lip liner, gently wipe off the lip balm if you still feel a slippery effect on your lips.
- Now that your lips are soft, its ready to paint them with the colour of your choice.
- When using a bold colour on your lips, always line your lips with either a nude lip liner or a liner exactly matching your lipstick shade. Then fill in with the lipstick.
- After you are done with your lipstick, blot the excess lipstick off your lips with a tissue paper. Then dust some translucent powder on your lips for the lipstick to set.
- Dab with a lip gloss if you want a glossy and shiny finish.
That's it. Your lip makeup is done.
Sometimes, we also face a problem of lipstick getting on our lips. The simplest way to avoid that is to put your index finger inside your mouth and pull it out. This way the lipstick that was on the inner side of your lips will transfer on the finger and it won't stick to your teeth.
Red lips are back in trend again. Popularized by the golden Hollywood times, once again it tops the hot favourite list of lipstick lovers. Marilyn Monroe with her signature red lips was considered a sex siren if that age. So wearing red lips the right way requires a few trials and errors. As red lipstick are available in three different shades, know the right shade for the right skin tone.
1. Corals or orange-red for olive or tan skinned beauties.
2. Berry or plum red will suit those with dark or chocolaty brown complexion.
3. Hot reds are a sure shot hit for all the pale skinned beauties.
Here are some tips for you on how to wear a perfect red lip makeup:
- First things first. Never play up both your mouth and eyes or else you'll end looking like a clown. When wearing red lips, just mascara on your eyes will do perfect and yes a very soft toned blush.
- Red lipstick have the tendency to bleed, so fill in your lips with a red lip liner matching with the red shade you want to wear. Then apply the preferred lipstick shade with a lipstick shade.
- To make your lips stand out, apply a bit of concealer all around your lips. But don't forget to blend the concealer with your skin. This technique will make your lips pop out beautifully.
- Once done, blot the excess with a tissue paper or you may also powder your lips lightly with translucent powder for your red lip makeup to stay put for a long time.
- Apply a bit of lip gloss in the middle of both the upper and lower lips. Press lips gently to spread the gloss over your lips.
Follow these tips to bring out the best of your lip makeup.

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