Jun 11, 2009

Maya Murofushi 'Kill Bill Style'

See How Maya ready to fight with Japanese traditional swords, Katana!This is a very cool artwork by gfab71. You can see the finished artwork here http://www.grafitestudio.com/


Here is something that you like to watch, the "Aswamedha"( success ride) of Maya. All my readers from my basic blog, welcome to see me here too.
Many of them doubting why another blog?
Nothing so secret, simple to understand, its just for fun......do follow me here tooo.....

May 22, 2009


A most important memorable item in a persons life is nothing but 'Wedding Ring" or some say " "Engagement Ring". Most countries, cultures and societies, exchange of a ring is supposed to be an engagement, I mean a committed life afterwards.As you can see in eastern countries, exchange of rings is considered as commitment for lifetime. Ring symbolizes marriage or engagement.
A spouse wears it to indicate a marital commitment to fidelity.
A fiancée or a fiancé wears it to indicate his or hers engagement.
  • Where to wear Wedding Rings?
In most traditions, Wedding ring wear at the base of the left ring finger. But in some other countries, on the right ring finger. It is always better to decide according to your tradition and culture.
It is a very interesting topic, when we look into varoius Wedding rings.
In Eastern countries like India, Gold rings, either plain or fashioned is using as wedding ring. Before the marriage they usually do some "pooja"( Worships), on that ring and couple consider it as a Holy Ring.
In France three interwoven rings are considered as a wedding ring. These three interwoven rings stand for Christian virtues of ‘faith’, ‘hope’ and ‘love’.
In Russia three interlocking rings are bands of rose, made up of yellow and white gold and worn.
In North America and in European countries mostly women wear two different rings on the same finger. Those are a plain wedding band and an engagement ring.
In United States, engraving wedding rings are quite common.
  • Just see this video why wedding rings usually wear in Fourth finger
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