Feb 1, 2011

Ties Speaketh of the Man who Adorns it

Everything that you display on your body is visible to people you come across and different people deduce different things from different elements on your body. For instance, if your shoes are of high caliber they know that you are no person to be taken for granted, you value every detail in concern. Similarly, when your attire that is composed of either formal apparels or the casual ones would reflect your fashion sense and general discipline in the manner you wear those.

TIEApart from other stuff that you accessorize with, a necktie is one such element that speaks a lot more than meets the eye. The choice of a necktie is crucial and so is the clothing which it is paired up with.

There are many types and kinds of ties that are categorized into sections according to the color or the design. Two broad categories would be the solid colored or the textured or design embedded ties. The design could vary anywhere from plain stripes to funny pictures of SpongeBob. Solid ties are the most commonly used and are pretty universal as far as their use is concerned. They appear to go well along any kind of shirt color or design and can easily be worn for both formal occasion and for social gatherings.

Do not be surprised to know when I say that the tie color and design would also affect your body structure and your facial contour. For instance, if you have a rounded face you are best served with ties that have dotted and paisley prints. If you have a sharp angular face then you could sport striped ties. There is no harm in mixing and matching these combinations as long as you can carry it off well. The best way is to analyze yourself in front of the mirror or take a self picture on your digital camera and have a look at it.

Men generally go by their instincts and such is the case even while shopping for their neckties. However, narrowing your focus on the kind of ties that may suit you based on a variety of factors would be advisable. The first thing you need to do when you choose a tie is to take into consideration the apparel you plan to wear with the tie. You may not be able to take your attire with you to every shop so you could choose to shop for your tie online. This gives you the freedom to take your own time and save time and money on traveling to land-based stores that may or may not have ties of your choice.

Omar Sayyed is a prominent writer of a variety of topics and has showered his expertise on Ties in many such articles. Ties are not to be taken easily and ties on buying the right ties are always good guidelines before you shop for some yourself.

Written by Omar

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